• Background Checks

    To ensure the safety of our students, we require criminal background checks on the following:

    ♦Any volunteer who accompanies students off campus (i.e.. chaperones for field trips).

    ♦Any volunteer who is responsible for working with students on campus, but outside of the regular classroom structure.  


    Volunteer background checks do not need to be done every year.  Volunteers only need to do the background check once and the results will follow all of their students through their Willmar Public Schools educational career.  So, once you have been approved through our volunteer background check process, you will be cleared to volunteer into the future without going through the process again.  To inquire whether you already have a cleared volunteer background check on file, please contact Human Resources at 320-231-8500. 

    The online criminal background check form requires you to provide authorization for a variety of criminal background checks:

    National Sex Offense History:  Provides a sexual offender registry check of all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
    Criminal SuperSearch:  A criminal search for 47 states plus the District of Columbia.
    Social Security Number Trace:  Provides the name, aliases, 10 year address history, and all social security numbers associated with the individual.  Verifies that the social security number is valid, gives year of issuance and state issued.

    MN BCA Criminal Search:  Provides a criminal history through the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions.

    Please list the name of the classroom teacher that you are volunteering for under "position applying for" on form.

    The background checks will normally be done at the volunteer's expense ($12 - paid online while filling out the form) and information will be kept confidential.  Click here to complete the volunteer background check.  

    If a volunteer is unable to pay for the background check, please contact the building principal.  

    Human Resources staff members will review the results of each background check.  If there are any concerns regarding the results of a background check, Human Resources will contact that individual directly within 24-48 hours after receiving the results.  The online form includes an option for volunteers to request a copy of their own report. 

    Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to maintain a safe and secure educational environment for our students.

    Note:  If you are a current employee of Willmar Public Schools, you are already cleared to work in the District, so do not need to complete the volunteer background check