Why is this so Important?

  • By this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why is a program like this so important?” and “Why is there so much emphasis on getting an education after high school?” Did you know that by the year 2018, it is projected that, of all the jobs in Minnesota, 70% will require a postsecondary education? (Carnevale, Smith and Strohl, 2010)

    If you are now saying “Holy Cow!” you are beginning to realize why we see it as important that we give our students the information they need in order to be able to attain successful careers in the future. But, before you get too worked up, let’s take a step back for a second and I want you to answer one question:

    True or False? When we say that it is our goal for every student to be college ready, we mean that it is our goal that every student will graduate high school and go to a 4-year University.

    The Answer: FALSE!

    The definition of college that has been adapted by the state of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, and the Willmar Senior High School Staff as any accredited postsecondary credential, certificate or degree program. There are two main reasons for this new focus:

    1. The issue of the enormous amount of student debt in the United States. Many students either have to retake courses or switch their majors of study which costs them Thousands of dollars and still many students choose not to finish college yet still have to pay back the money they borrowed.
    2. There has been a lot of focus in the last few years on how students are going off to college and they either lack the skills of knowledge necessary to succeed. There are numerous business that have complained that they cannot find workers with the necessary skills.

    These are two of many reasons why, although the majority of jobs in Minnesota will require a postsecondary education, we as a school want to make sure that our students graduate with the knowledge of how to pursue a college education that will prepare them for their future careers as well as reduce and manage their debt in order to make it worth the investment.

    Learn more at www.RampUptoReadiness.org.