• 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra


     Grading Policy - Students will be graded in the following areas: 

    • Practice (Daily Work) – 20% - having all necessary items including instrument (violin and viola), music, lesson book, iPad, pencil, and a positive attitude; daily contribution to the class
    • Formative – 30% - playing checks on orchestra music and Essential Technique Book during class and done at home on iPad (students will be able to improve scores)
    • Summative – 50% - final playing tests in class or at lessons; concerts, dress rehearsals 


    Concert Participation

    Attendance at all concerts is required for all orchestra students.  It is important for the entire group to have each member present to contribute her/her special part.  This is the opportunity to share what we have been working on and to demonstrate our progress to family members and friends.  If a student is ill or if there is a family emergency the day of a concert, please email or send a note explaining the absence as soon as possible.  This type of absence will be excused and the grade will not be affected; unexcused absences will affect the grade.  Please write all concert dates on home calendars to avoid an unexcused absence.  


    7th & 8th Grade Orchestra Concert Dates, 2019-20

    Thursday, November 14, 2019      5th-8th grade Fall Concert - (6:15) 7:00 pm    WEAC 

    (Rehearsal will be in the Middle School Band Room during 6th & 7th hours; date TBA)

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020     7th & 8th grade Large Group Festival - all day    Alexandria   

    (Rehearsal will be in the Middle School Band Room at 7:00 am on Wednesday, February 19)  

    Thursday, February 27, 2020     6th-8th grade Winter Concert - (6:15) 7:00 pm    WEAC

    (Rehearsal will be in the Middle School Band Room during 6th & 7th hours; date TBA)  

    Monday, April 13, 2020    4th-12th grade All District String Festival - (6:15) 7:00 pm   Senior High Gym

    Monday, May 11, 2020       7th-8th grade/Varsity Spring Concert - (6:45) 7:30 pm    Senior High Theater

    (Rehearsal will be in the Middle School Band Room during 6th & 7th hours; date TBA)   

    • All students must bring their own instrument to school for dress rehearsals unless otherwise specified in advance.  


    Necessary Materials

    • Instrument (be sure your instrument is still the correct size and that it is in good condition)
    • Name tag for case
    • Humidification device (dampit; something you can place in your case when the heating season begins to prevent cracking of instruments)
    • Shoulder rest or sponge (required for all violin and viola students)
    • End pin stops (required for all cello and bass students)
    • Music stand (for practicing with good posture at home)
    • Rosin and a soft cloth for wiping rosin dust off instrument
    • 3-Ring binder or folder (for music and other handouts)
    • Pencil with good eraser for every class period and lesson
    • Lesson book: 7th grade - String Basics Book 3 by Kjos; 8th grade - Essential Techniques for Strings Book 3/Intermediate by Hal Leonard 
    • Mute (to be used in various pieces for sound effects)
    • Short fingernails (in order to play with proper posture and good intonation)


    If you would like to have mutes, shoulder rests, and end pin stops labeled with your initials, please bring them in and we can label them so they are not easily lost.