• Varsity Orchestra
    2019-20 Varsity Orchestra Concert/Event Schedule                                            

    Monday, October 14   WHS Fall Showcase Concert   7:30 pm WHS Gym    

    Monday, December 9   Holiday 9-12 Orchestra Concert   7:30 pm   WHS BPAC 

    Wednesday, February 26   Region 8AA Orchestra S/E Contest   All Day Willmar  

    Friday, March 13   Deadline for All State auditions (uploaded)     

    Monday, March 16   9-12 Orchestra Concert   7:30 pm   WHS BPAC

    Wednesday, April 8   8AA Large Group Band/Orchestra Contest   All Day Tech

    Monday, April 13 All District String Festival   7:00 pm   WHS Gym  

    Monday, May 11   MS/Varsity Spring Orchestra Concert    7:30 pm    WHS BPAC

      * Highlighted concert dates/events are required by all Varsity Orchestra students. Non-highlighted ones are optional. 


    2019-20 Fundraisers

    Thursday, September 5   Coupon Book Kick-off    During School   Music Rooms

    Monday, September 23   Coupon Book Money Due   

    Saturday, October 5   Mills Ford Fundraiser   9:00 am–4:00 pm   Mills Ford Willmar

    Monday, October 14   Music Matters Fall Kick-off    6:00 pm   WHS Cafeteria

    Friday, November 1   Fruit Fundraiser #1 Kick-off   During School

    Monday, November 11   Fruit Orders Due

    Tuesday, December 10   Fruit Delivery during P/T Conf.  3:00–5:00 pm   WHS Band Room

    Friday, January 24   Fruit Fundraiser #2 Kick-off   During School

    Monday, February 3   Fruit Orders Due

    Tuesday, February 25   Fruit Delivery   3:00-4:30 pm   WHS Band Room

    Saturday, April 25   Mills Ford Fundraiser   9:00 am-4:00 pm    Mills Ford Willmar


    Concert Attire 

    The goal of ensemble work is to be uniform in our presentation.  This includes uniformity in our appearance.  Varsity Orchestra members will wear all black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes with a music department polo shirt purchased at school.  Sophomores already have this red polo shirt; ninth grade students will purchase one during the first week of school.     


    Concert Participation Policy

    All music students MUST participate in all concerts, contests, and festivals for their ensemble.    

    The mandatory performance dates for Varsity Orchestra are highlighted above.    

    An unexcused absence from a concert will lower the student’s final grade for the term ONE LETTER GRADE.  An unexcused concert absence CANNOT be made up. 

    The only excuses for missing a concert are: 

    1. Personal illness (absent from school the day of or day after; being sick just for the evening is not excused.) * an email notifying the director is appreciated
    2. Family emergency
    3. Immediate family wedding or immediate family graduation. 

           (Written notices must be given to the director at least one month before the concert.)  

    1. Vacations planned in advance of school year.  (Must be specified by

           the end of the first week of school.)

    For excused absences, a makeup assignment will be required. 

    Please communicate with relatives who may purchase tickets or arrange travel for you.  It is important they are aware of your concert dates and your commitment to your ensemble so that your grade doesn’t suffer from their good intentions! 


    Grading Policy

    1. Rehearsal Skills 40% (contributing positively to rehearsals; showing active interest in the class; working hard to improve musicianship individually and as an ensemble) * Points are deducted from “rehearsal skills” each time a student is absent from class. They may be made up by coming in before school or during zero hour and practicing; 20 minutes of practice equals one make-up.  It is the student's responsibility to keep track of absences and to schedule practice sessions.  Students may also make up rehearsal points by scheduling a lesson with the director for extra assistance with music.      

    2. Performance Skills 40% (posture, rhythm, intonation, bowing, style) * Each term students will be assessed on scales and/or orchestral literature. Retaking performance assessments is an option if you would like to improve your skills and score; it is your responsibility to check your score on student portal, practice, and schedule a time to retake the test.   

    3. Written Skills 20% (evaluations, written assignments, quizzes)



    * Be respectful and courteous to everyone.  

    * Respect property.

    * Come to orchestra prepared:  instrument, folder, pencil, iPad, on time, in seat, tuned. 

    * No gum, food, or drink other than water during rehearsal. 

    * No electronic devices may be used unless given permission by the director.