• The Healthy Family
    A Newsletter from the Food & Nutrition Services Department
    Summer Food Service Is Coming Soon!
    Help Wanted
    School Lunch Here Day
    Food Allergy Action Month
    Budget Friendly Meal:  Baked Chicken Alfredo
    School District Care Funds
    Earth Day - April 22
    Soy, Soybeans, and Tofu!
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    National School Breakfast Week!
    What's on the Menu: Easy Overnight Oats
    National Nutrition Month
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    Meal Planning Basics
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    Fool-Proof Honey Whole What Dinner Rolls
    Why is Gluten Free Diet May be Bad for Healthy Kids
    Winter Fruits & Vegetables In Season
    Food of the Month: Cheese
    Shop Smart on a Budget
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    What Qualifies a Toy as "Safe" versus "Unsafe"?
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    This Month's Recipe: Harvest Delight
    Meal Prices
    Fresh, Frozen, or Canned? How do I Pick
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    4 Ways to Become More Adventurous with Food!
    Meal Prices
    National School Lunch Week!
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    Meal Prices
    Love on Every Tray!
    Welcome Back, Students!
    Offer Versus Serve: What Does This Mean?
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    Healthy Tips for Picky Eaters!
    Build a Healthy Plate with Milk
    School Lunch Hero Day
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    11 Easy Ways to Eat Well on a Budget
    Meal Prices
    Build a Healthy Plate with Fruits
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    Healthy Hydration
    Earth Day (April 22)
    Build a Healthy Plate with Whole Grains
    Take a Look at the Ingredient List
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    March is National Nutrition Month
    Key Messages
    Read Across America Day is Celebrated on March 2, 2018
    Build a Healthy Plate with Protein
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    Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu
    National Children's Dental Health Month
    School Breakfast: Give It A Try!
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    Healthy Classroom Catering
    Food and Drinks That Are Surprisingly High in Sugar
    Holiday Health and Safety Tips
    6 Ways to (Naturally) Boost your Immune System
    Brown Sugar Butternut Squash Recipe
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    Eight Foods That Can Be Stored for Many Years
    What Does Lunch Look Like Around the World?
    Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (Nov. 11-19)
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    What is Mindful Eating?
    6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating
    National School Lunch Week
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    Water and Nutrition
    Welcome Back, Students
    Offer Versus Serve: What Does This Mean?
    Breakfast is Served
    Color you tray, Fuel your day!
    Preparing Your Student for a Positive Lunch Experience Each Day