• Breakfast Stars of the Month
    Each month students have the opportunity to earn a special Star Breakfast as a reward for their respectful behavior.  
    December Star Breakfast Students:  Callie Slagter and Kaden Streed
    Tips from Callie and Kaden on how to be a S.T.A.R. Student:
    1. We listen and respect everyone everywhere at school!
    2. We try to do our best! 
    3. We turn our work in on time!

    January Star Breakfast Students:  Sergio Fuentes and Yareth Campagne

    February Star Breakfast Students:  Dylan Pauff and Jaedyn Rausch  
    Tips from Dylan:
    1. Don't get distracted while learning
    2.Follow All instruction given by your teacher
    3.Have a positive attitude
    4.If it is really important learn to take notes
    5.Do your best while learning
    6.If you have trouble ask for help
                                                          Jacob Rosendahl and Abby Rodriguez
    March Star Breakfast Students:      Derek Lueze and  Bailey Stahl
    April Star Breakfast Students:         Whitney Wolf  and Sonya Orzonia
                                                          Nimo Abduallhi and Karina Pascasio
                                                          Diana Luschinger and Antonio Litzau
    May Star Breakfast Students:          Kyle Bosch and Leah Smith
                                                          Danilo Traconis and Alejandra Olvera
                                                          Amelia Fernandez and Vincent Larsen
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