• Social Studies & Government

    Social Studies & Government

    Countries and States
    Countries States
    • National Geographic- Travel: Find out about travel destinations and countries around the world.
    • Country Profiles Offers full profiles of countries including guides to history, economics, politics and more. There is also a great timeline of important events and links to further information.
    • Country Studies / Area Handbooks In-depth reports written by scholars at the Library of Congress on 71 countries. Information includes extensive history, social structure, religion, and education.
    • Information Please Access to country information from atlases, almanacs, encyclopedias and dictionaries.
    • World Fact book Published by the U.S. Government. A great and easy resource for information on all the countries of the world.
    • Visit NETSTATE Includes an overview of each state, state symbols and maps, nicknames, geographical information and more.
    • Official State Songs Words and music to most of the state songs. Short information pieces accompany some songs. You can also find other state facts at this site.
    • Stately Knowledge Find out the basic facts of any state in the union, including Washington D.C.
    • States Each state profile has information on population, history, counties, parks, government, and much more!
    • United States Counties-Information about counties. Search by state and choose county from map.
    • US 50 - A Guide to the fifty states An extensive guide to history, outdoors, tourism, events and attractions for the fifty states.


    Asia Society Kids- learn about Asian cultures and Asian American people
    Kids Explore Culture- Learn about cultures from around the world
    Native Americans
    These links provide information about some of the Native American tribes in North America.

    This Day in History Find out what happened the day you were born...or any other day in history.
    New York Public Library Picture Collection Great historic photos online. Over 30,000 photos most from before 1923.
    US History.Org This website is dedicated to information on the events and people associated with the founding of the United States. This is a great place for biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as well as other documents of freedom.
    America's Story A fun look at America's history for elementary students. Topics include Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore a State, Join America at Play and See, Hear & Sing.

    African American World A site filled with African American history.

    The American Civil War This award-winning website contains a very comprehensive listing of web links for all aspects of the American Civil War.
    Colonial Williamsburg Biographies, trades and crafts, religion, food and other aspects of colonial life are explored here. Excellent graphics!
    Seven Wonders of the Ancient World This site is about the seven wonders of the ancient world. You can read about their history, what has become of them today, and take a quiz to test your knowledge
    Egyptians Whether for school or fun, this is a fascinating look at the lives of ancient Egyptians.
    Ancient Egyptians From the British Museum, a thrilling tour through Ancient Egypt
    National Geographic Kids Maps- A good source for country and state maps
    Merrriam-Webster Maps- Choose a state or country from the drop down menu to view a map and information about that area
    U.S. Government
    Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Ben's guide provides information to kids K-12 on how the government works. There is also information for parents and teachers.
    FirstGov for Kids Explore, learn and have fun on this cool site all about the U.S. government and many related subjects.
    PBS Kids Democracy Project Learn how the government works, what voting is all about, and find out what a typical day for the President is like.
    Presidents of the United States Use POTUS to find out all the facts about our presidents. Click on a name to see when they lived, when they were president, voting results from their presidential campaigns, who was in their cabinets, and notable events during their presidencies.