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    Q.        How do I register for the Official GED Test?

    A.         Go to ged.com, register, and sign up for a test date.

    Q.        What if I am under 19?

    A.       Contact an ABE site. You will be required to get an age waiver. You can achieve this by achieving a 158 proctored Mathematical Reasoning and Reasoning through Language Arts practice tests (GED Ready) at an   approved ABE site.

    Q.        How much does the Official GED Test cost?

    A.         There are 4 tests—Mathematical Reasoning,Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  Each test costs $30 resulting in a total of $120 for all 4 tests.

                [If you take GED Ready Practice tests, ABE will share a code for a $10 savings on each of the Official GED tests].


    Q.        Where can I take the GED test?

    A.         After registering on ged.com, the site will indicate


                the location nearest you. [If you wish to test in


                Hutchinson Testing Center you must call


                320-234-8507 to sign up.]

    Q.        Is there a practice test?

    A.         Yes, it is called GED Ready. You can take it at


    Q.        How much does it cost?

    A.         Each of the 4 practice tests cost $6.

    Q.        How do I pay?

    A.         The payment process is all online. You will need a credit card or a debit card to complete it. However, if you come and register with ABE, we will cover the $24 cost for all 4 tests.

                   [Currently ABE has vouchers to pay for the GED Ready Practice Test to be taken at the ABE site].

    Q.        Am I ready to take the GED Test?

    A.         2014 has brought new standards to the GED test. A CASAS score of 250 for reading and 230 for math is suggested.

    Q.        What can I do to prepare?

    A.         Contact your local ABE! There are several programs available to help you achieve your goal. There are day or night classes and a wide variety of tools to help you prepare for the material that will be on the test as well as practice your computer skills and typing. 




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