• Willmar School District #347 Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is inviting you to join our organization. The primary reason for developing membership in PTSA is to build an informed team of individuals to work on behalf of all children and youth. Sure, the individual school PTSAs sponsor fund-raisers… and we have meetings that we like members to attend… but for the most part, we are advocates of children, not just our own, but for all children. A strong PTSA membership that is willing to get involved is a valuable resource that benefits our children and the community!

    For those of you who are new to PTSA, here’s how it works. Picture the District PTSA as an umbrella, with the individual school PTSAs under it. The District PTSA has four main functions:
    -we provide the insurance required at all PTSA sponsored activities,
    -we ensure our PTSA follows state & federal tax guidelines for non profit groups,
    -we fund two $500 academic scholarships awarded to graduating seniors of PTSA members who
    meet the academic requirements within the scholarship program, and
    -we provide general support & administration to the individual school PTSAs.

    Each individual school has their own PTSA. They sponsor activities for the students, parents & teachers. Examples of these events are book fairs, homework clubs, Math Masters, Chess Club, Accelerated Reader prizes, Student of the Month, Science Museum Outreach project, Artrageous, field trips, playground equipment & many other fun, worthwhile events… some of them for the whole family!

    You can show your support for PTSA by joining our organization. Membership is $15 per family for the year. That includes the whole district, so if you have children in multiple schools, you are covered there too. Individual school PTSAs will still send out forms inviting you to volunteer for activities. They will not be asking you to pay dues! We appreciate your assistance and welcome any ideas that you might have to both support and improve upon PTSA, as we work to make the most of our children’s school years.

    Please consider joining PTSA…
    Questions, call Amy Isaacson @ 214-6009

    PTSA Membership Form